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Fiber Fox LLC Inc. based in South Korea is an innovative, experienced  leading Precision Fiber Optic tool manufacturer based in Korea. They are now addressing the worldwide market through experienced master distribution and carefully selected value added resellers like CKEY Networks. With newly released products like the Fiber Fox Mini 6S Core to Core Alignment Single Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer, Mini 4S Active Clad Alignment (4 Motors) Fusion Splicer, and Mini 50-GB Precision Fiber Optic Cleaver, Fiber Fox are providing some of the worlds most advanced technology solutions available in the marketplace.

The Fiber Fox Mini Series fiber optic fusion splicer's are getting rave customer reviews and feedback that no other splicer provides. These products are price/performance leaders and will soon become the new standard in the fiber optics industry. 



Fiber Fox Mini 6S Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer 
























Mini 6S Core to Core Alignment Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer



The Fiber Fox Mini 6S is the smallest, lightest, most accurate and toughest Core to Core


Alignment fiber optic fusion splicer available on the market. 



Small (124W X 123 D X 130 H) and Lightweight (1.37 Kg without battery)


Fast (Quick Mode) splice cycle times of 7 seconds, Heater Cycle Time 18 seconds


Large 4.3 " Color TFT LCD Monitor, with Touch Screen Functionality


Storage of 2000 Splice records with Environmental information


Large Capacity Lithium Polymer Battery with Level Meter on Front


Sold as complete Kits with Fiber Fox Mini 50G & Mini 50GB Fiber Cleavers


Sold and Supported exclusively in Canada by CKEY Networks Inc.



Mini 4S Cladding Alignment 4 Motors






The Fiber Fox Mini 4S is specifically designed for the FTTX Market of single fibers with SOC and direct fiber termination capabilities The mini 4S is the most accurate splice loss estimation splicer available in the global marketplace and the only fusion splicer vendor with published test data for splice loss estimation accuracy performance data.


Fiber Fox Mini 50G

Precision Fiber Optic Cleaver

with Manual Fiber Scrap Collection

In Stock at CKEY Networks

Fiber Fox Mini 50GB

Precision Fiber Optic Cleaver

with Automatic Fiber Scrap Collection

In Stock at CKEY Networks











Fiber Optic Cleaver Data Sheets



Fiber Fox Mini 50G Precision Fiber Cleaver

Fiber Fox Mini 50GB Precision Fiber Cleaver



Fusion Splicer Data Sheets & Video Links


Fiber Fox Mini 6S Core Alignment Splicer

Fiber Fox Mini 4S Cladding Alignment Splicer



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