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Fiber Fox Mini 6S Fusion Splicer

CKEY Networks is pleased to introduce the Fiber Fox Mini Series (Mini 6S) Core to Core alignment with DWACAS (Digital Wavelength Core Alignment System) single Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer. The smallest, lightweight and fast splicer incorporates the latest dust, shock and moisture resistant  lightweight (1.37KG without Li Polymer Battery) portable Core Alignment splicer features your choice of a Touch Screen or Control panel operation and works well for FTTH applications or heavy duty long haul telecom fiber installation work.

Fiber Fox

Mini 50GB Precision Cleaver

CKEY Networks have been selling and supporting a growing list of customers for over 10 years with our Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer's and Cleavers, Fiber Optic preparation tools and cleaning, and our Fiber Optic Inspection tools and Test Equipment. The latest Fiber Fox Mini 50GB Precision Fiber Cleaver with automatic fiber scrap  collection is another example of CKEY Networks offering innovative high quality tools at cost competitive prices.

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CKEY Networks offer on site demonstrations and field trial evaluations on our optical equipment product lines

Please visit our Demo request page or email:  info@ckeynetworks.com  

Send us an email to request a time and place for demonstrations on our fiber optic product lines including the new Fiber Fox Mini 4S Cladding Alignment Fusion Splicer, Mini 6S Core Alignment, Mini 6R Ribbon Fiber Splicer and the Mini 50GB Precision Fiber Optic Cleaver


Trade In Offer on Older Fusion Splicer's

CKEY Networks will be offering trade in credits towards the purchase price of new Fiber Fox Mini Series (Mini 4S, Mini 6S, Mini 6R) Fusion Splicer's for customers that wish to trade in older model fusion splicer's. If you are considering the purchase of new fusion splicer's contact CKEY Networks for specific details on the models you wish to trade and the amount of trade in credit we can offer.

Start your year with a new Fiber Fox Mini 6S Splicer that comes with a full 2 year warranty for trouble free performance backed by CKEY Networks no hassle complimentary loaner assurance if you experience equipment failure anytime during your warranty coverage period.

Senko Wi-Fi Smart Probe

for Fiber Optic Inspection


 The new Senko Wi-Fi Smart Probe enables service technicians to inspect and analyze fiber optic connections using their Android devices for the display. This safe, easy and high resolution method of examining fiber optic connections ensures you have trouble free network performance. Complete Wi-Fi Smart Probe kits start as low as $1000 which could be one of the most highly used and valued tools within your technicians tool kit.


feStream Analyzer

Turn any PC into a Powerful IPTV Analyzer - At the Customer Premise or Central Office

Depend on feStream Analyzer to quickly and easily verify IPTV installations with pass/fail results. It ensures fewer service calls by detecting and identifying degrading conditions well before the customer's quality of experience is impacted. feStream can emulate a STB, and displays a real-time video preview, allowing the technician to determine video and audio quality before any other equipment is installed.

Some of the features of the feStream Analyzer's features include:

  • Powerful and cost effective solution for IPTV quality assessment, maintenance and troubleshooting
  • STB emulation
  • Full motion picture decoding and display
  • Accurate audio and video MOS score
  • Zap time analysis
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Enterprise Network Services

Please visit our Applications Notes and Solutions pages for detailed product information and solutions that will help save you time and money on network planning, installation and maintenance.

If you wish to attend a seminar, have a need for training, need an on site analysis of your network, or a product demonstration please contact CKEY Networks.



Technology News - Fiber Inspection & Cleaning

CKEY Networks Fiber Optic Inspection and Cleaning

Leading manufacturers of high speed (Gigabit and Higher) switching and routing equipment have determined that 1/3 of reported field failures are caused by dirty fiber connections. CKEY Networks offers a variety of innovative high quality Fiber Optic Inspection tools and Fiber Optic cleaning products from several manufacturers. We have cost competitive and high quality fiber cleaning products in stock to save you time and money. Contact us to request a quote and demo on our Fiber Inspection and cleaning products.



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