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Since its founding in 1946, Senko has acted from a corporate philosophy of contributing to the development of the global industry through technology.

Our corporate statement "A history of service. A future of innovation " is a declaration of our vow that the Senko brand will continue to meet the expectations of our customers.

This statement embodies Senko's commitment to continue to provide coming generations with the latest products, systems and services.

With the emphasis on collaborations with partners and group companies, in the Senko Group diverse partnerships are being used to strengthen collaborative innovation business undertakings in various areas of operations.

Our customers, suppliers and partners are essential to our success, and shall be treated with respect and integrity. Our success also depends on our employees, for whom we will strive to provide an environment which fosters motivation, a sense of belonging, and personal satisfaction.

Cleaning & Inspection Kits






SCK-FTTX-100 inspection and cleaning kit provides a field portable solution to the inspection and cleaning of a ferrule end face. The kit includes our ergonomically designed optical field microscope (x200 and x400 variants available), which provides an effective method of inspecting a fibre optic connector, a next generation fibre optic cleaner, the CleanCore, a refill cassette for the CleanCore and the market leading cleaning sticks.


SCK-FTTX-100 Kit Contents

  • Optical Microscope

  • CleanCore Cassette

  • CleanCore Replacement Cartridge

  • 1.25mm Cleaning Sticks

  • 3 AAA Batteries

  • 2.5mm and 1.25mm Universal Adapters

  • Case

Download Brochures and detailed product specifications at website.

Wi Fi Smart Probe Fiber Inspection


  • WiFi streaming
  • Easily connect with Laptops, Smartphones, & Tablets
  • Replaceable & rechargeable battery
  • Available adapter tips (LC, SC, FC, ST, DIN)
  • MPO Tip Up to 24F Available
  • High precision alignment
  • Up to 24F displayed simultaneously on the screen

    Senko Smart Cleaners

    LC/SC Fiber Cleaner



    The FTTX FIBERVIEW ultra light analogue probe connects to the extremely rugged and compact 2.5” TFT hand-held monitor with a display magnification of x150 (x200 option available on request). The monitor has a menu driven, multifunction user interface and is capable of running two probes simultaneously, while also providing the user with full access to a SD memory card to facilitate capture of up to 23,000 images which can then be transferred to a PC or Laptop.e, non volatile digital storage of reference measurements.


    • Optical Resolution to 1.25um Field Of View 250 microns
      Vertical and 340 microns Horizontal
    • Highly Portable - Single handed focusing
    • Video Capture SD Memory Card
    • Standard 2.5mm PC Tip
    • Other Tips Available
    • Rugged 2.5” TFT Display, with built in stand and option
      for strap
    • Patch Cord Ferrule Cleaner
    • In-Adapter Ferrule Cleaner
    • Side Clip for hands free mounting of Probe




    The Digital FIBERVIEW probe receives all of it’s power supply requirements through direct connection to the USB port on either a PC or Laptop. The probe supports variable magnification which is controlled via a properitary software suite. This software suite also permits the end user to complete a full, automatic analysis of the ferrule end face, as viewed, for contamination and scratches against user-definable accept/reject criteria

    • Optical Resolution to 0.5 microns

    • Magnification x200

    • Variable Magnification

    • Standard 2.5mm PC Tip

    • Other Tips Available

    • Analytical Software

    • Patch Cord Ferrule Cleaner

    • Lightweight Rugged Carry Case








    LC Flex Boot for LC Uni Body Connectors  



    The SENKO LC Uniboot is unique patent pending design that allows a single round duplex 3mm cable to be used for a duplex connector. This compact, easy to terminate connector kit has a simple round crimp design and incorporates standard SENKO 900um LC connectors..



    Senko Fiber Optic Terminations


    Senko SC Terminations



    SENKO fiber optic terminators use doped fiber design or other proprietary design to eliminate unwanted back-reflection. The terminators are available in FC and SC with SPC, UPC or APC polishes, and also in small form factor design including LC and MU with SPC and UPC Polishes.

    SENKO Terminators operate in 1310 and 1550 nm wavelength range and are also available for the C and L band wavelength range upon request.
    Terminator Type Terminator Type Return Loss SPC (dB) Return Loss UPC (dB)
    SC/PC >50 >55
    SC/APC N/A >60




    SENKO FTTX Solutions


    With a growing consumer demand for high-speed bundled services, Fiber to the Home (FTTH) has been recognized as the ultimate solution for providing a variety of communications and entertainment services. Twisted pair, coax and hybrid fiber/coax networks are not as efficient as FTTH architecture. As a result, demand for fiber technologies such as FTTH are on the rise, and the capacity to meet this demand and continuously add new services is creating enormous competitive pressures. Several communications companies are already selling FTTH technology and many of them are integrating SENKO into their product offerings.
    SENKO Advanced Components provides a selection of cost effective passive devices that enable high performance solutions for Fiber to the Home networks.

    SENKO FTTX Solutions
    WDM Couplers manufactured using Filter WDM technology; providing very low insertion loss, low polarization dependent loss and excellent environmental stability.
    Attenuators provide excellent optical characteristics, including Low Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL) and a stable and independent wavelength distribution.
    PLC Splitter Modules are manufactured with Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition (P-CVD) technology, and its patented fabrication process, for providing stable optical specifications. The modules’ silica on silica waveguide and optical fiber array are tested to Telcordia GR-1209 and GR-1221.
    PLC Splitter Chips feature stable optical character, and are suitable for various applications including Splitters and Combiners.
    SC-APC Connectors available in either a conical or step end face.
    LC Series including Standard Lc, Behind The Wall (Btw), and Unibody Connectors, as well as Lc Standard Adapters, Lc Adapters With Sc Footprint, Lc Hybrid Adapters, Terminators And Attenuators.




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