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Wilcom Fiber Optic Testing Equipment

Wilcom Inc® has been providing high-quality, low-cost products to the worlds largest telecommunications service providers for over 30 years. 


Growing fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and fiber-to-the-premise (FTTP) implementation has raised demand for specialized test equipment such as Wilcom power meters, light sources, OTDRs, loss test sets, and unique products such as identifiers for optical fiber installation and maintenance.

Network service providers, carriers and optical fiber cable and systems installers know that Wilcom provides the diversity of products they need to keep up with an ever-changing industry.

Optical Fault Locators

F6240 MT-RJ
Visual Fault

F6235L Multimode
Visual Fault Locator

F6230A Pen-style
Visual Fault Locator

FR2 Optical
Fault Locator


 FR4 Mini OTDR

The Wilcom FR4 is a lightweight, handheld, fast and easy-to-use Optical Time Domain Reflectometer with core functions required to measure optical fiber from one end during installation, repair and verification. This unit is ideal for field and maintenance of new or existing fiber networks.

The mini-OTDR is very fast, producing a scan within one second of pressing the scan button. It also features an easy to use Zoom function that enables the user to observe the entire link, or zoom in on defects.This unit is available in multimode or singlemode with single, dual, tri, or quad wavelengths making it ideal for LAN, Metro or Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) applications.


Ruggedized Power Meters

Basic Metal Case Power Meter

STD Metal Case Power Meter

CATV Metal Case Power Meter

Enhanced Metal Case Power Meter

The T339E Enhanced Metal Case Power Meter is a ruggedized optical power meter designed to withstand outdoor field environments. The new and improved Model T339E utilizes advanced microprocessor technology to provide for easy, accurate and stable calibration as well as error free, non volatile digital storage of reference measurements.

This unit is a continuation of Wilcom’s widely used T339 series of ruggedized optical power meters. The T339E unit has an easy to read four digit LCD display for easy viewing and a InGaAs detector calibrated at four wavelengths (850, 1300, 1310 and 1550nm). The unit is powered by three AA Alkaline batteries, and can run on optional rechargeable NiCad batteries.

Product Description
850/1300/1310/1550nm +5 to -70 dBm
Model Part Number Price  
T339E 30339010 $1250.00

Hand Held Microscopes

200X Microscope

400X Microscope







F6222 Telecom Optical Fiber Identifier  



The Wilcom Model F6222 Telecom Optical Fiber Identifier is a rugged, easy-to-use installation and maintenance instrument which identifies optical fibers by detecting the optical signals being transmitted through a singlemode fiber. By utilizing local detection technology (non-destructive macro-bend detection), this units eliminates the need to open the fiber at the splice point for identification; eliminating the probability of interrupting service.

This Optical Fiber Identifiers detects low frequency tones at 270 Hz, 1000 Hz and 2000 Hz. When traffic is present on the fiber under test, an audible tone can be heard as well as the traffic direction which is indicated by LEDs illuminating on the probe.

During installations, maintenance, rerouting, or restorations it is often necessary to isolate a specific fiber without disrupting service. A light source such as Wilcom's Model FS1316 used in conjunction with the Optical Fiber Identifiers can make the job a lot easier.

This Optical Fiber Identifier includes a carrying pouch containing three easy to use field interchangeable adapter heads to accommodate; 900 µm buffered fiber, ribbon or 250µm coated fiber and 3mm jacketed fiber.


Model FVS-200 200X Microscope allows the user to visually inspect connectors for cleanliness and polish during connector assembly.

This model offers high resolution and includes a video microscope, 9 inch B&W monitor, and a 2.5mm Universal connector adapter. Optional 1.25mm Universal, MT-RJ, MTP, and APC connector adapters can be purchased separately.

In production environments bench-top real estate typically is at a premium. Due to component modularity, and the four foot video cable (which is included ), greater flexibility of monitor placement on the bench-top can be realized.

FVS-200 200X Microscope




FF3 Advanced Fault Locator Kit


Wilcom's FF3 Advanced Fault Locator Kit is designed to give the optical technician the tools required for accurate fault isolation in singlemode and multimode fiber systems.

The three units included in the FF-3 Optical Fault Location Kit, will enable the technician to narrow down problem areas in fiber cabling by systematically testing the fiber to the fault. The FR2 will display the distance to an event (fault) in either feet or meters using OTDR technology. The FR2 has the ability to detect and display up to seven multiple events. The FR2 also has a user selectable Index of Refraction (IOR) which enables the technician to set while in the field.

In the FF-3 kit, there is a choice of using the F6121A Optical Fiber Identifier for non-intrusive testing of the fiber, or the F6230A Visual Fault Locator for pinpoint accuracy in fault location. Both the F6121A and the F6230A allow the technician to isolate the fault for cost-effective repair in a minimum amount of time. The Model F6121A is not recommended for multimode applications.

FF3 Advanced Fault Locator Kit

Fit your application to your budget. Our LTS Loss Test Kits, and Fiber Test Kits combine the dependability and accuracy of our hand-held optical light sources and power meters with a convenient rugged carry case for the field technician. Select from kits containing multiple wavelength sources and meters which are combined for testing a range of networks such as LANs, WANs, IXC, CATV, and Telecom.

LTS Loss Test Kits


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