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About Wilcom Inc.

Wilcom Inc® has been providing high-quality, low-cost products to the worlds largest telecommunications service providers for over 30 years. They are best known as a supplier of POTS Splitters for ADSL Services. Wilcom’s products are typically applied at the Central Office of the telephone network to insure that the service provider can provide high quality DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) services in harmony with the service providers DSLAM vendors equipment that meet or exceed even their most critical end-users expectations. Through the application of innovation in the design of their products, Wilcom has been able to reduce the costs for telephone companies in providing ADSL based services. 


Wilcom also offer a complete line of Fiber Optic Testing, Digital Testing, Transmission and Cable testing equipment with unique specialty products that are only available in the market today from Wilcom. 



PS-36 Splitters for VDSL 




 POTS Splitters           

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Wall-mount VDSL2 POTS Splitter
Wall-mount VDSL2 POTS Splitter

The Wilcom PS-55 MDx ADSL2+ POTS Splitter is a passive low-pass filter designed to provide POTS Service in concert with ADSL Technology. The device blocks High Frequency (20 KHz - 1 MHz) energy from interfering with POTS equipment. The PS-55 MDx contains 24 ADSL2+ Ports and can be ordered as a customer premise (CPE) Master Splitter or a Central Office (CO) Splitter. 

Both solutions are ideal for Multi Dwelling and Multi Tenant environments. Each unit is available with BIX type connections or 110 type connectors for direct wiring connections of the LINE, POTS and DATA Connections.


The unique footprint of the PS-55-MDx is similar in size to a standard M-66 punch down block making it ideal for Wall Mounting applications.






PS4103 Shelf PS4100 Series Cards



The Wilcom PS-4100 Series is ADSL2+ compliant (2.2Mhz) making it an excellent ADSL Splitter for delivering Video and future versions of DSL. They are the highest density (24 Ports) fully tested and Compliant to all existing standards including NEBS Level 3.

The PS-4103 Splitter shelves are ADSL2+ (2.2Mhz) and ADSL ++/quad (3.75 Mhz) compliant and delivers video and future versions of DSL. This 3RU (EIA at 5.25") shelf uses a Modular Approach that can house up to 6 ADSL 24 Port cards providing 144 Ports per shelf of density.  All Wilcom ADSL products provide superior Cross Talk port to port isolation performance and undergo real world testing in Wilcom's unique test lab facility.  Please visit their web site to learn more about their unique test lab at the following link:  


The PS-PS-15-I3S ADSL2+ Master POTS Splitter for Indoor Customer Premise applications provides a convenient method for the installer to connect existing premise wiring to have POTS Service up and running in minutes.


 POTS Splitters           

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Wall-mount POTS Splitter




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